Each One Reach One

Our commitment to building women and families continues with your support

We began with the vision of spreading prosperity and wealth to other female entrepreneurs across the developing world. The founder of Conscious Collective™ realized that in living a purpose filled life, we are bound to pay our many blessings forward.



Supporting global entrepreneurship, one enterprising woman at a time.


It is with the aim of spreading the seeds of sustainable wealth through entrepreneurship across the globe that we provide investments to assist other like-minded, female purveyors of goods and services, in fulfilling their missions of purpose, family, and community.

Conscious Collective™ is dedicated to this mission by donating $1 of every product sold online to support the cause of community building through other women like us.

* With past partners, we have donated $1 for every unit of Conscious Collective sold online and up to $1 for every unit sold through other retailers to our cause partners up to $25,000 in 2015 and 2016.  This is our commitment year over year.

We have previously partnered with The Glow Effect Centre for Women and Girls in support of the community of Masaka, Uganda in our organization’s mutual commitment to advance women toward financial self sufficiency and sustained community leadership in that community.