From Our Family to Yours

We bring our passion for putting only the best authentically natural remedies on our bodies to you and yours

Relishing in the fabulousness of our natural beauty, straight hair or curly hair, is nothing new to us. Celebrating one’s individuality, life’s little hair achievements whether it be the Big Chop or the “halfway, semi-sorta transition?” or just going with the follicle flow is second nature.

But even these things are trumped by the attributes we herald the most. Like our capacity for love, our unparalleled desire to leave this earth a better place than how we found it and our deep rooted value of transparency into the ingredients in the products we use each and every day. Ingredients matter to us. Truth and establishing trust for the personal care products we create and discerningly curate matters to us. Just like these things matter to you. Different from many others, authentically natural beauty is what we purvey.



Different from many others, authentically natural beauty is what we purvey.

And giving is what we, together, do. Feeling invested in the well-being of the people in our neighborhoods, Mother Earth, and strangers halfway across the world is what we know. Join us on our journey as we continue to dream up and cultivate a better way of life; always seeking new ways of better for our products, ourselves, our families, our global sisters and our planet. Alone our impact is meek. Together our impact is mighty.

Naturally inclined. Social by design. Beautiful by nature. United in our pursuit.

We are Conscious Collective®